My Family

Meet the family

My family can be described as the quintessential nucleus family, one Mom, one Dad, and one Sibling.

This is Mom:

Jeanine ProfileMom says she calls me her monkey, because I drive her a little bananas!

When Mom is not making our food and tucking  us in, she is a psychologist. I think she must have a lot of dog clients, because all dogs love lying on the couch!

This is Dad:

Willem profileDad says that I am definitely his favourite, but I shouldn’t tell Zoey because that will hurt her feeling…

When Dad is not showering us with the love and affection, he spends his time being the worlds best web developer. I know what you’re thinking “He must of helped Peanut with this kick ass blog!”, but you are wrong… Kinda!


This was big sister, Zoey:

Zoey ProfileWe have the same birth Mom, but different Dads (we don’t really talk about that)!

She was very happy being an only child! So the day Mom and Dad brought me home, she wasn’t very impressed… She is 7.3 years old, so only a few months older than me in human years, but in dog years that’s a lot and you can definitely start to see the lines forming…

I give her a hard time, but she knows it’s out of love.

(P.S: She hates this photo, hahahaha!)


The recent addition, Emma:


Are all little sisters born to be annoying?

She is constantly taking my toys, wakes me up early and following me around… Although I will never admin this to her and I will deny that I ever said it, but she is my best friend and I love her!