The time Zoey was apparently a puppy too… 

Dear Diary, 

So Zoey ran to Mommy crying because I didn’t tell everyone about the time she was a cute puppy too. Now Mommy is helping me write this post, because when Zoey was a puppy, I wasn’t even born yet. 

Okay, I have to admit, looking at the photos she was very cute and so tiny. Just look at her, she only filled 1/8 of her bed and fit in a shopping basket, hahahaha! 


Even though I love my big sister and I was so happy she was home when I got there (and so thankful that she showed me the ropes), I wasn’t very happy about the fact that she got to be a part of Mom and Dad’s engagement shoot and I wasn’t.


Dad says I shouldn’t worry, because they knew the family wasn’t complete without me! 


But enough about Zoey! Everyone will still see a lot of her as she is my sidekick on most of my adventures. 

– Peanut

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