The time we went to the Karoo…

Dear Diary, 

Oh my pawness, I’m so excited to tell you everything we did on our long (dog) weekend, I don’t even know where to start… 

Dad said that we’d be spending the weekend on a farm in the Karoo. I wasn’t sure what a Karoo was, but I was excited because he said it would be a doggy friendly farm and that I could run around and explore as much as I wanted… And you know me, I’m never one to say “no” to a new adventure! So I packed up all my blankets and Bugs Bunny, and off we went.

After driving for 5 naps and 3 bathroom breaks, we finally arrived in the middle of nowhere and it was beautiful… Just look at all that space! And so many new sights and smells… 


This is where we stayed! Amazing little place and it even had a little fireplace inside, which Zoey was very happy about because it gets very cold in the Karoo.


Luckily for Mom and Zoey, Dad and I was brave enough to face the cold, so we lit a fire outside and made dinner!


I started my day bright and early with a cup of coffee and some rusks on the patio, waiting for Dad to get out of bed so that we could go hiking. When he finally got up, we went hiking all the way up one of the hills and waved to Mom and Zoey back home… That speck on the hill, that’s me! Hi… Wave emoji!


The next day we took to the open road! The iconic Route 62 between Ladismith and Barrydale… Just look at those views! Wow… “No feeding the baboons” I see what you did there Mom, very funny… HAHA!


I started getting hungry, so we stopped for some food! Dad said I could order whatever I wanted so I set my sights on their Tower Burger and I was not disappointed when it came… I wanted to try some of Dad’s coffee, but he said no – apparently coffee isn’t good for dogs, but I think it’s just because I already have more than enough energy…  


Next stop, Barrydale and a place called Diesel and Creme for what can only be described as heaven in a glass!

Just look at this place! It is amazing… Something to look at around every turn!


And then it came! The only reason anyone should every get out of bed for, their gourmet milkshakes… Just look at that and tell that’s not pure happiness!


The next day we started the trip home early and Zoey and I slept all the way home… I was sad to go, but happy to be home! I think I’m going to need a few days rest to recover from our holiday.

If you’re not bored yet, here are a few more pictures of our time in the Karoo…


– Peanut

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