The time we had the fosters…

Dear Diary,

The other day I was on Facebook when I saw pictures of a Daxie just like me and under the picture it said that he was up for adoption. Adoption? I didn’t know what the word meant, so I asked Mommy!

She told me that there are Daxies out there who don’t have warm beds, fluffy toys, or treats of their own and that they were looking for a family to adopt them and give them a new forever home with lots of love and kisses… At first this made me very sad! How can it be? How could this happen?

So I told Mom that we needed to help get all of them new homes… Before Mom could say anything, I grabbed her phone and contacted Baxter from the Cape Dachshund Rescue. I told him that I will share all my toys and blankets with their Daxies, ’till they find their new families.


And so we became a foster family and here are some photos and stories of my new friends we helped, even if I was just for a little bit.

The first rescue we had was the weirdest-looking Dachshund I’ve ever seen, named Sock. I didn’t want to point it out to them as Mom says that’s rude, but I’m 99% sure he wasn’t completely Daxified… Sock was only with us for a week before he got himself adopted, so we were off to a great start…




Next we got three at once: Mocca, Rocky and Donald! That was a bit of a shock to our system and Zoey was very mad at me for this whole fostering business. Mostly because they took over her bed and tried to eat her food! Mocca was with us the longest and even then it was just for two weeks…


After the triplets we had two others, Jonty and Thor. They both only stayed for a few days and I think our house was their lucky charm… A stepping stone to their own place in the sun!


Then came Chockie… I liked him, Zoey didn’t! He gave her a little love bite on her bum the day he arrived and she was having none of that… I thought it was funny! Hahahaha… Chockie was a real cool dude and everyone loved him, even Grandma….


Chockie was still with us when Monty came along… He had the funniest ears and was of the rounded shape variety! But I didn’t mind, he made a great pillow.


And then the puppies came, Huckleberry and Jasmine! Oh my goodness… They were the cutest things I’ve ever seen and that includes myself! But they were hard work, they had so much energy, playing and running around… We had to always watch them and keep them away from the pool. It was very tiring and I will admit, Zoey and I fell asleep on the job a few times. Not to mention the endless “house training accidents”!


We have since moved into an apartment and had to stop fostering, but as soon as we can we will once again open our blankets, hearts and home to more fosters. 

– Peanut

It has come to attention that I’ve missed one of the fosters… And if you look at the photos you will see why I left out Pebbles… Daddy was giving her way to much attention and I was a little (a lot) jealous!

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