The time we had a birthday party…

Dear Diary, 

Today is a very special day… It’s my 2nd birthday and we’re having a party with “pupcakes”, gifts and even party hats! 


“It’s my party and I’ll bark if I want to…”  Hahaha! 

Mommy made beautiful blue Peanut approved “pupcakes” to celebrate, but don’t worry only doggy friendly ingredients were used during the making of them! (Recipe below)


“Let them eat cake!”… ?

I wasn’t 100% on board with the hat idea, but can’t argue with the fact that I look darn cute… 


Zoey got in on the action too…


After some birthday cake it was time to open gifts! Oh my, so much excitement… I got a ducky with more little duckies and a big ball! I’m gonna play with all of them at once and maybe Zoey can have one, maybe! 


Best party ever! Think it’s time to start working on my wish list for next year…


– Peanut

“Pupcakes” recipe: 


450g Beef mince

250g Bacon

2 Grated Carrots

1 Cup of cooked Barley

1 Egg 


Cook bacon till crispy and allow to cool

Once cooled, crumple into small pieces 

In a bowl add mince, carrots, crumbed bacon, barley, and the egg

Mixed together till well combined

Use muffin or similar size tray and place an even amount of mixture into each. 

Cook in a 180°C oven for 25-30 mins

Remove and allow to cool

Once cooled the “pupcakes” can be iced

Peanut butter and Cream Cheese icing recipe: 


230g Cream Cheese

100g Peanut Butter

3 TBS Olive Oil

Few drops of food colouring of choice 


In a bowl, mix all ingredients till well combined

Fill piping bag with mixture and use it to decorate “pupcakes”. (Mixture can be spread on too.)



Coconut flakes

Food colouring 


Add a few drops of food colouring to coconut flakes, mix well and use to decorate “pupcakes”. 


Serve and watch them enjoy! 

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