The time Mommy and Daddy got married…

Dear Diary, 



Mommy was up really early, because she was so excited! But we got to sleep in, because we’re already perfect and don’t need a lot of fur and makeup.  

“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Photographer!”



It was a very busy day and there were a lot of people on the farm, which meant a lot of kisses. Usually I wouldn’t mind, but I should be the only one giving out sloppy kisses… So I hid under Mom’s dress and made sure I stayed really close. 


Then Mom and Dad vowed to always love, cherish and obey us, I mean each other! I had supervise to make sure everything is officially official… I even escorted them on their first walk as Husband and Wife! 


We took some more photos and just look at me with my fancy bow tie… Obviously I was the best looking one at the wedding, but the rest of them didn’t look to bad either! 



After all that food and dancing we were very tired and it was already way past our bedtime, so Mom asked Grandma to take us home (and to remember to take off our fancy clothes before bed). 


What a p’awesome day!



– Peanut

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