The time I was the CEO of DachCorp

Dear Diary, 

As the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of DachCorp I’m a very important dog! I’ve to attend meetings, manage treat budgets, and handle the staff. 

The most important advise I can give any business dog is to be prepared. Pack you suitcase every day and make sure to have all the essentials, especially a ball for when things get boring and definitely extra snacks. 


Time to get down to business. On today’s agenda, staff reviews! 

Zoey, my PA is constantly off sick. The tea lady, Mom is always telling me what to eat and watching my weight, and don’t even get me started on the IT guy, Dad… 

Sometimes I think they forget who’s in charge here… 


Important to move around a lot and look busy… Can’t let the staff see you lounging around!


Meetings aren’t all bad! I get to drink puppuccinos and sometimes eat cake. 


Every respectable business man requires business cards…


And some professional profile shots! 


Now back to business! Those reports aren’t going to write themselves… Think anyone will believe me if I say the cat stole them? I wonder….

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