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The time I was the CEO of DachCorp

Dear Diary,  As the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of DachCorp I’m a very important dog! I’ve to attend meetings, manage treat budgets, and handle the staff.  The most important advise I can give any business dog is to be prepared. Pack you suitcase every day and make sure to have all the essentials, especially a…read more

The time Zoey was apparently a puppy too… 

Dear Diary,  So Zoey ran to Mommy crying because I didn’t tell everyone about the time she was a cute puppy too. Now Mommy is helping me write this post, because when Zoey was a puppy, I wasn’t even born yet.  Okay, I have to admit, looking at the photos she was very cute and so tiny. Just…read more

The time I was the cutest puppy…

Dear Diary, Today I found a folder on Mom’s phone filled with all my puppy photos. I honestly don’t remember being a puppy, but you have to agree I was the cutest thing.   Zoey wasn’t too happy when Mommy and Daddy first brought me home, because I was a bit of a busy-body and…read more